2 thoughts on “Should lessons be fun?

    • I sympathise totally – I have 22 – 24 at the university in a small room and for years only had a whiteboard, chairs and desks and even with a computer rarely use it except to note down what we have done in moodle which they look at when they get home. But using various types of group work, throwing a koosh ball around, giving out reward stickers, choosing topics which are creative (if you can choose curriculum), creating a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging them, being enthusiastic – these factors can help. I don’t believe that all lessons are ‘fun’ – we are there to teach, but if the material is engaging and relevant and if we find ways to help our students learn and progress the lessons can feel ‘fun’. My students often complain that the room is too small for the large group – we have very little room to move around – but I tell them on the first day that I love teaching in that particular room because it is so cosy. Cooperative learning tasks can help – will write something about this in the next blog post.

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