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  1. Thank you,Marjorie, for this fascinating tale.I hope you don’t find my question impertinent, but it would seem that you started out as an ELT professional in the 1980s without any qualifications other than that as a class music teacher and your NS status? What is your opinion on what one usually requires of new teachers today in the way of recognised qualifications such as MAs or PhDs ?

  2. Hi Diana,
    This comment has gotten me thinking about all of this. I was lucky to get a job teaching English as my masters degree and teaching certification were in music. But I went through a real learning curve when I first began (having an MA in English or a CELTA would have been a HUGE help) and in my first year I did a certificate course in how to teach adults which was very helpful. I also took part in loads of CPD on a large variety of topics. As English had always been my second love after music, I found it fun to delve into the language further in order to explain particular aspects to my students. And having worked in a theatrical area and being used to being in front of groups and trying things out made it fun to use new methods. As I also worked in business for six years, teaching business English made sense to me and I was able to draw on my experience from that. I also went on to do an NLP practitioner, master practitioner and trainers’ course as well as courses on NLP in the classroom and brain-friendly teaching. Two weeks were also spent in the UK doing a class on how to teach business English. By the time the CELTA was becoming popular here in Austria I was already doing a lot of teacher training and couldn’t spare the time to go and do a course. In some ways I would love to go back now and do an MA or even a PhD in English although that would have to wait until I retire completely.
    In answer to your question about this training being necessary, I certainly see both sides of the coin, I am aware that I most likely miss out on some of the theoretical background in linguistics but have been teaching for so long now that I find I often grasp what others are talking about as I have used so many different methods myself. I think the combination of theory and practice is vital. If I were starting out again, I would definitely do a degree in English along with my music degree.
    It would actually be interesting to know how many of us landed in this job and just jumped in to teach and how many have all the qualifications necessary. In my experience, there are a number of us on both sides. A colleague who teaches German as a second language (and is considered to be one of the best at the institute I teach in) just did her masters on this and is 70 years old. So I guess I still have time.
    I may do some reflecting on this in the future as I think it is an important question. Thanks for asking it.

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